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Work complaint

"Hey Jeff we are having problems with our e-mail so we called the system administrator from our sister company to come over and fix it. Could you give us the administrator password so we can give it to him to fix things?"

Umm. Let's try. NO.

When there are problems with the servers you call your currently employed system administrator and let him know there are problems. That is what he is hired for. He fixes things. Generally faster than you can get a guy from across Phoenix too. And especially do NOT ask him for the administrator password. While you may not have heard of security, best practices, and social engineering, he has. He is there to know these things. Just like he is there to fix things when they break. He also can very likely fix the problem from the comfort of his own home lounging around in his comfortable clothing in his comfortable chair. If he can't, then most likely neither can the guy from across town instead of the employee who lives five minutes away. Why? Because the guy from across town does not have a key to open up the servers in case of hardware failure.

Really now what the heck were they thinking? They are getting charged for the 3 minutes it took to fix things. If I could I would bill them double for this idiocy.



Yesterday I learned how to change the spark plugs in my engine. This is exciting!

Today maybe I should rebuild my engine. Ooooooh, that sounds like fun!


Just finished my second 5k. Walked the first one with the wifey but this one I decided to run. I did pretty pathetic. I ran it in 38 minutes. Results aren't posted yet so I don't know the specific time. Oh well, guess I need to start training for the next one! Gotta get ready for a marathon one of these days!

Update: results were posted so I got to see my chip time. So I actually ran it in 36:30.

Two more to go

I passed the 70-293 today! It wasn't as easy as the 70-290 but wasn't anywhere near as difficult as the Security+. It was a fairly fun exam though I had it crash on me right at the very beginning. I scored an 805 so it was a pretty decent score too. Looking forward to the 70-298 now! Can't wait to knock that one out as from what I hear the 70-294 is a pretty easy exam. Yey! I passed!

Gyrating geckos!

Finally achieved -- MCSA certification. I may expound upon this more later. But for now is the bed.

News update

I'd been meaning to update for a while but things have just been very exhausting lately. But I have good news to update with! Let's start with the latest news. I passed my next exam! I took the 70-290 exam yesterday and passed with a score of 842. Which is a lot better than I did on the 70-270. I also felt better about this exam as well when I was taking it. I'm very excited that I passed that one fairly easily! I can't wait to do the 70-291 next. I will need to study a whole lot better for that one though. Brush up on my subnetting as well. So the score stands as I have one exam to go for my MCSA and three exams to go for my MCSE. Then one exam to upgrade my MCSA to an MCSA: Security and then another exam to upgrade to MCSE: Security. That's about as far into the future for my certifications that I've looked. Maybe do the two exams to get my Messaging designation as well.

The other news. I have a new computer! I received it Thursday of the week previously and wow does it really help with running all of these virtual machines. Dell was running a really good sale so I ordered a headless 530 with a q6600 and 4 gigs of ram. Going from single core to quad core definitely feels great! The 4 gigs of ram definitely doesn't hurt for running lots of VMs as well. I never saw how Vista performed on the machine as I immediately put openSUSE on it which is performing wonderfully. Oddly enough Gentoo didn't like the G33 chipset at all when I gave some thoughts of installing that. I probably could've gotten around that but didn't feel like taking the times away from my studies.

So that's all the excitements from around here. Oh, and one other thing. We picked up some Veggie Tales last night to entertain the niece. Yey! Veggie Tales!!!

Bath time!

Our big kitties got their first baths today. They were out on the porch and decided that they wanted to wander into and try eating a web that had been sprayed with raid weeks earlier but never cleaned up. Oops! So they got their first baths of their lives with us! Less than appreciative were they. Fiona took to it better than Susano but I still ended up with a ripped up hand. But they now look like drowned rats! He he he! I take great delight in this. Susano can't even keep his tail in his customary question mark poses because it is too heavy now. Very funny stuff. Take that you cats!
I've been coming home on my lunch time to feed the kitten, since you know hungry kittens need many feedings they do. So yesterday I came home as I always do to feed the hungry kitten. Came in the house and thought that it looked a bit weird. Susano was staring at the kitchen in a very weird way. I didn't think too much about it though. Flipped on the light and went into the kitchen to heat up the kitten's milk. I hear this ominous buzzing and it sounds like it is coming from all around me, but I figured that someone had probably just left the kitchen window open. It kept getting louder though and it was really beginning to feel like I had stepped into some horror movie because the buzzing was very disconcerting. I decided to look at the window and close it so that the buzzing would go away. No dice there! The window was already closed, but there were a number of bees running along the edge of it. Very unhappily on the inside part and not along the outside part. It was at that point that I heard some loud thwackings of plastic. Taking a look up and guess what there was to see? The kitchen lights filled with angry bees that were now bouncing up and down very rapidly! This definitely did not make for a very happy Jeff at all. I quickly notified management who the lady at the desk didn't seem to understand the dire need for immediate resolution of the problem. She was trying to schedule for the weekly Thursday exterminator cleaning. Fortunately the really cool manager was there and immediately chimed in that she would get the bee keepers out as soon as they can make it. This worked for me! I quickly fed the kitten and locked all the cats up in the bedroom away from the bees. Then it was back to work for me. Came back after work just in time to meet up with the bee cleaner. He sprayed stuff into the crack that the bees came in through and then it was just a matter of time. Now there are an enormous amount of bee corpses hanging in the lights over our heads in the kitchen. It is kind of gross.

Level Up! You have learned a New Skill.

For my precious white fluffy ball of doom and cattiness there are only two classifications. Food? Toy? Everything falls into one classification or the other, and sometimes possibly both. Paper bag? Toy. Pink mouse? Toy. Cheese? Food. Kitty food? Toy/food. Owners? Toy, with possibility of food characteristics.

Well a week ago on a Thursday this simple kitty very abruptly experienced a change to his ethos. A third classification was forced upon him quite entirely against his will.


Passed! But I confess ...

I did not do any real studying for this exam, and it showed! I can claim some extenuating circumstances but still the burden is upon me. Especially today since I blew off most of it playing video games instead of doing any actual studying aside from flipping a few pages here and there.

But anyhow, that's all water under the bridge. I passed!

Score: 731

Passing is at 700, out of 1000.

Ouch. But a pass is a pass. Yey! I'm now an MCP. On to the 70-290!

Though it was really demoralizing to look at my score sheet and see that Implementing, Managing, Monitoring, and Troubleshooting Hardware Devices and Drivers I scored absolutely horrible on. That should be my best area!