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New jobby-job update

Well it seems to be going along pretty well. I like the new job and the new job likes me. Though not everybody there likes me since apparently I'm rather bossy. Who knew?

So this week I'm starting my first major assignment. I'll be virtualizing the entire production environment. That'll be fun! I am enjoying the challenge including fixing a few of the mess-ups that Dell made in setting up VMware Infrastructure in the first place. Having some Linux knowledge has already come in handy. So the downside of working for the government? Meetings! Oh there are swarms of them. I feel as if I could cut the number of meetings in half and increase productivity 200%. But it's ok, I'll live with it.

I'm finding it a bit hard to adjust to working with a team. I keep seeing things that could be done faster or better and it is hard to not just jump in and take over the controls. It's also difficult though to know that one of the guys lies to you. I didn't call him on it but I definitely saw what he did and he has lied about it saying he hasn't. It doesn't help that he's one of the ones who doesn't like me now either. It's ok, I'll just work around him. Anyhow, I am enjoying the job and for once am not dreading going to work when I wake up in the morning. Though I would still rather stay home and play Harvest Moon. ;)